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GCI is a collaboration of community leaders from local businesses, faith groups, law enforcement, health care, government, and neighborhoods that have come together to plan for the future of Geauga County’s Health and Human Service needs. More >>
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Homebound Senior eSurvey Report

Homebound Senior Key Informant Survey Report

Aging in Place an Alternative Model

2007 Fall Report to the Community!

Vision for Geauga County in 2020

A Final vision statement has been adopted for the GCI project.

September 2006

GCI Announces Vision for Geauga County

GCI Announces a Vision Statement for Geauga County and plans to move foward.

October 10, 2005

Commissioners Receive Health and Human Services Data

. Geauga Community Impact has recently completed the first three phases of an eight-phase project. The Geauga County Public Libraries and the Burton Library now have the report available for circulation.

October 2005

William Conway leads Geauga County Community Impact Project (GCCIP)

“Geauga County is changing, and we must determine the health and human service needs of our community to ensure we can address them effectively”...

GCI Seeks Community Input on Vision for Geauga County

Geauga Community Impact is seeking input on a vision that has been drafted for Geauga County. A vision is a way of looking forward and imagining what Geauga County could be, under the best of circumstances.

June 23, 2005



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